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I'm Kimyana, a digital entrepreneur from Berlin, and the face behind 15minFame.

I've been a self employed blogger for 3 years, and couldn't think of a more rewarding way to share my creative talents. I kicked off 15minFame so that I could express my view of living on planet earth in my personal and journalistic style. I focus on an authentic storytelling and a picture language that combines a commercial and editorial expression. I love to think out of the box and reach people´s mind with feelings and facts summarized in texts and photography.

Bachelor of Arts : Journalism and Mass Communication / focus on media education


Let us figure things out together. What is the status quo of your brand, where do you want to go with your brand, what are the future goals for your company and how you reach them.


Seo optimized articles for search engine are as important as being seen on social media. The combination and content is the key and needs a strategy - content that matters.


As a digital expert I know that the fast change of the virtual world can create anxiety. Media literacy is important for human beings in a digital cosmos.